A secure and prosperous Israel, at peace with her neighbors, providing freedom of worship for all faiths and the benefit of democracy to all her citizens.


ActionIsrael exists to support the survival, security and continued strength of Israel and will accomplish this mission by educating, empowering and motivating – Jew and non-Jew alike – to understand the threats facing Israel and act as advocates for Israel. This goal will be achieved through a combination of grassroots activities and initiatives.  Whenever possible, ActionIsrael will collaborate with like-minded organizations to reinforce our mutual activities in support of Israel.

One Board member shares:
ActionIsrael is special because it is totally grassroots and totally volunteer.  We do not have any paid staff (except our webmaster).  We are very conscious of not spending funds except those that go directly to projects.  Our goals also include sustainability so that project recipients figure out ways to continue these projects after we no longer provide financial support.  We also are keen to serve as a model for others to replicate our projects; examples of this have been the Ben Yehuda Malls and the Soup Kitchens.  Another thing that distinguishes ActionIsrael is the diverse leadership, linking different religious and different secular communities.”